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Complaint: HelloFresh delivery arrived 2/27/17 @ approximately 6:17pm and I was contacted by the UPS store and told about the delivery and informed that the box had been delivered and was “wet”” on the bottom. Last time this happened I was not required to produce photos so I did not take a photo this time. Why would I want to consume food that may or may not have been properly refrigerated during shipping? HelloFresh is now demanding photos before they take any action and provide a refund; I have cancelled my subscription and have their email to me verifying the cancellation. I have read other complaints regarding u201cpausing your account then charging your credit cardu201d. This is a dangerous practice of delivering food that may or may not be bacteria free

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: especially if the product has melted to the degree that the box is wet. So far

Website: 800-733-2414

Phone: HelloFresh has refused to provide a refund this order.”

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By Ronald

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