Heidi Reece and TJ Rainey – Tampa Groupie Homewrecker Heidi Reece Florida


This woman is a bar groupie who met my husband of 10 years on Nov 3, he told me and our 9 year old daughter he was leaving us Nov 9. And has been in full relationship with this gutter trash since then. She has tried to get close to my daughter through my husband( which of course confuses our daughter) She has no Moral Compass as neither does my husband TJ Rainey.. She hangs now on any and all the “Band Guys” or any other men that will allow her. She even ran into my childhood sweetheart and his wife and asked for a Double Date with them ( SMH) which of course they were disgusted and stunned by ( Like I said the woman has no SHAME) Just be mindful to all women with your men around this woman, she knows no bounderies.. I do wish the both of them all the bad karma that will come on them and hope I can sit back and watch this CLASSLESS GIRL and my husband get all they have coming to them. While I raise our daughter fulltime, enjoy the ride while it last. Jen

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By Ronald

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