Heavenly Hair By Nicole Odenton Maryland Review


First let me start by stating that this company claims to offer all these hair products on their website, but then you have to wait forever to receive them. I was warned NOT to order from here, but on the video the lady named Nicole did a great demonstration of how well the hair was. After receiving my hair weeks later, it had a funny smell to it. I shampooed it as she instructed on the video and I also did the burn test. Well, needless to say…. she must have been using someone else’s hair because the hair that she sent to me NEVER looked like that. After trying to get my money back through countless emails and no return phone calls, I knew that I was out of my money. After doing some investigating, I found out that she DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A COMPANY! There is not a registration of her owning or operating a business by the name of Heavenly Hair by Nicole in any state! I even looked further on the State of Secretary of Maryland and there is nothing!!! I have reported this company to the IRS and filed a police report and I have warned EVERYONE THAT I KNOW that this woman is only taking your money and sending out trash!!!! THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE CLAIMING TO OWN BUSINESSES TO MAKE A DOLLAR AND THEY ARE NOT LIVING UP TO WHAT THEY SAY! BUYERS PLEASE BEWARE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

1472 Berger Street Odenton, Maryland United States



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By Ronald

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