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My husband and I have been married for 14 years. He is in the US Army. I have caught him having inappropriate relationships for years. All in which I worked through with him and stayed with him to keep our family together. || He is currently deployed. || In May he and my daughter were at the mall on a Saturday, my daughter came home and told me that her father ran into this young girl. They were joking and laughing carrying on. My husbands new job requires he works with women and she worked with him apparently.. In the past he was in the infantry so he only worked with men. I was insecure about the whole female working together stuff but felt like I could trust him. I had no reason to believe he was doing anything wrong. || They deployed in June. He demanded a divorce in July. I was devastated! I cried and begged for him to change his mind! || I worked for a PI for a few years and I decided to dig. He was never into social media so I was very surprised to see he had a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I then found a Pinterest?? What? Yes. I discovered on the Pinterest he and some young girl were planning a wedding and a family!! Pinning clothes, poems, baby names, wedding invites, rings and honeymoons. Ummmm he’s still married! I found that she is also 15 years younger than him! || The Army does not tolerate inappropriate relationships between ranks. Especially married soldiers. I turned him in. || He has admitted to having sex with her, he loves her and she doesn’t care that he is married! || I am beyond crushed. I have 2 daughters. 12 and 8. And all the work I did just to end while he is deployed with this woman over seas.

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