Heather Moore – Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky


I understand that you are not supposed to down your family ect.But if you had a neice like mine you wouldn’t blame me. My very own niece who I basically raised has grown up to be nothing but a Louisville H**. She will fuck any Tom dick and Harry that gives her attention. She has not only screwed 2 of my ex’s but one of them Ray Wright is with her supposed to be best friend is still to this day trying to screw him again but won’t women up and tell his wife aka her bff. Heather was 6months pregnant with her first son when she screwed my ex Ray then tried to claim he was the father.Now I’m no Dr but anyone with a brain knows that’s impossible.She has 3 kids all together wonderful kids but doesn’t have anything to do with them.Not because she can’t but chooses not to.She claims she is a faithful women but screw’s any man while in a relationship.Shes currently in one has been for two years now but ol Heather has screwed around on her now bf Cory Jefferies I know at least 3 times.Shes constantly seeking drama and creats her own when she can’t find any.She always has a sob story but changes every word when asked about it a second time.Now this is only a slight peek in my life with this homewrecker.

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By Ronald

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