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This skank is a real piece of work!! She and my significant other used to date years ago. They broke up and she married her current husband, Brian. They live together as man and wife in Carver, MA. This nasty ass little witch has not been faithful for an entire day of her pathetic life! She calls my SO, sends him dirty texts, sends him naked pictures of her, pictures when she gets her nails done saying they’d look good wrapped around his C**K…she’s disgusting! She calls him for booty calls and she knows I’m sitting right there. She meets him at work (he works in a public place outside all summer with the public) and she goes by to kiss him, rub on him and try to screw him. He plays into it and I have read texts between them about meeting up for sex. (This is just whore #1. There is another but I will save her for another time since I don’t have a picture yet.) || I first found out about her when She sent him a Facebook message on his company site asking if she could bang him for some sports tickets he was selling. Real classy broad here clearly to publicly announce your adulterous acts! I asked him about it and he laughed and said they are just friends. Fast forward and I find out that they have been carrying on for years!! They are each other’s side piece of ass!!! || Meanwhile, he tells me I’m the only woman for him, that he wants to have kids with me, has planned our wedding in his head and I’m dealing with cervical cancer yet still do everything for him!!! We live together and this C U Next Tuesday is ruining my life!! I already have a plan in place to take care of his sorry ass, but I want everyone, especially her husband and any women who may know her, to know that this woman is a class A white trash skank! If you know her, keep your man from her and consider getting tested! If you’ve had sex with her…DEFINITELY GET TESTED!! They boink without condoms and he throws his d**k around as freely as she throws her p***y around!!

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By Ronald

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