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Let me start by saying that this is much my husbands fault as it is this cum dumpsters, but when she found out the truth, she continued. My nightmare started around July 2010. We had been married for 4 yrs. Our marriage was a little hostile from the get go due to our ex spouses causing so much drama with the kids. In April 2010 his boys mom had dropped them off at our doorstep saying they were out of control and she could not handle them any longer. Of course, the arguments got worse due to the fact that he didn’t agree on how his boys should be disciplined. By mid July the arguments were out of control. Out of the blue, the boys mom had called to let me know that he was getting an apartment and planning on leaving me. Of course, I had a gut feeling something was wrong because I would wake up and he would find a reason to pick a fight and leave almost all the time now. I told him what she had said and of course deny, deny, deny. she was just causing problems as always and if I believed her, that was my guilty conscience because I must have been cheating on him. I continued to troll through the phone bill and computer, finding a few odd numbers and of course new email accounts. I called the numbers….one straight to a generic voice mail….the other to an answering service for a lawyer. The next week or so, no fights, perfect marriage. I come home from work one day to find almost everything in our house was gone. What was left was ransacked and half my clothes were gone. My first instinct was to call the police and report this. After my mind died down, it hit me what was done and I went straight to the bank to find out the account was closed and money was gone. Later that night his daughters mom called me to let me know how crazy I was she saw what I had done to the house and all the grief I caused him. I don’t know why I felt the need to explain anything to her, but after doing so that is when I fount out the name of my home wrecker, Heather Lucas. Apparently he had picked his daughter up for a lunch date with”his friend” and she had told her mother.I immediately started blowing up the numbers I had until someone answered and of course no one did, except for”the answering service” line. But this time, it was for a different company. I called back and asked to speak to Heather and got hung up on. I called back and left a message of who I was and that she was sleeping with a married man and everything that had conspired. About a week or so later the husband calls from a blocked number, which later I found out was the first number with a generic voicemail. He had bought a prepaid cell phone, or as I would like to call it a”hooker phone” to contact her with. All the time he is denying any involvement, he doesn’t know a Heather, his ex’s are trying to cause trouble. In the meantime, he had taken my car and I was damned and determined to get it back. He would drive his motorcycle to work and took my car and hid it at his mothers house. One day there it is in the driveway, so I walk up get in and take my car back. In the process of cleaning out my car, I find receipts for hotel rooms, flowers , cards…..none of which were utilized for me. He calls again, how dare me take my car…I confront him with this. This was all in my head, I am making it up to cause more problems.My confrontation with this home wrecking whore came one glorious day when Karma bit him in the ass. He had to go to court about the boys and what I didn’t know was when I had filed the report on the house being ransacked they had issued a warrant on him and executed it the day he showed up in court. Of course, he called me to bail him out. I went and got his keys to his truck and found the hooker phone. Loaded with naked pictures of this nastiness, text messages and emails. I called her off the phone and finally got to speak with her. Her claim was she didn’t know he was married, he gave her a story I was his crazy wife he was trying to divorce, she had met him on a dating site. She said when I called he claimed I was trying to start issues with her. She had met his kids and they even informed her he was married. My question was why would you let this continue when she found out from his kids, myself and others he was married. Of course she has no answer. I let him sit in jail until everything was sorted out. I told her if she wanted him bail him out, but she didn’t. We worked on our issues and it got better he was somewhat the husband he should have been. || Fast forward to September 2013. A friend’s request pops up on his facebook and it is her. I have full access to everything now so I gladly accept and she of course starts a conversation. Wanting to know how he has been, she still thinks of him…blah, blah, blah. I of course push her for details saying it has been a long time, I had forgotten and she sings like a little bird. The clothes that I was missing from when the house got ransacked she ended up with. What kind of sorry whore takes another woman’s clothes and actually wears them? Then the million dollar question. Do you have pictures that you had saved with us. She sent them. I then thanked her and advised her of who she was speaking with. Which turned into she will go to church and pray for me. funny, I am surprised the church she attends allows home wrecking sluts like her to attend. I confront him with the pictures of her on MY HARLEY and his hand on her breasts, clearly showing his tattoos. His response, it wasn’t his bike nor him. My response, sledgehammer to the Harley. The bitch, to this day, continues to text his cell. He hasn’t responded to her since 2010 but continues to be a little slut. Hell hath no fury of a woman scorned……especially when it is your wife that has stood by you thick and thin. Has had to put up with all the issues that are going on from you being in the military (PTSD). Now, I am about making her as miserable as she made me and my kids, this is a start for her to expose the true side to her.

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