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So, I have been with my current boyfriend for close to two years now. We always got along really well, and never even had an actual fight..until last febuary. His ex (who he has two children with) decided after being split up from him for over a year when him and I even started to date, that she was going to stop at nothing to ruin any chances of him being with someone else. At first, she played like she was cool, and wanted to be on good terms with me. Made sense, I am a mother too. I want to know who is around my child…shortly after her declaration of friendship, things became very distant between my boyfriend and I, and for no obvious reason. He surprised me mid February from work..he wanted to take a break. Which was devastating. I didnt understand. We were so compatable, and happy. Come to find later that week(after a day trip, he had planned as a reconciliation) he had slept with her while I was gone! And she was so angry because she was facebook stalking, and I had posted photos of the days event. She took it upon herself to screen shot his text messages. Proving 100% that what she was telling me was true! I never saw it coming. He pleaded that it was a mistake, and she continuously threw herself at him. I decided to forgive him, almost instantly. I loved this man, and wanted to believe his remorse. He became a second father to my daughter. His kids became very close to my daughter and I as well..I didn’t want to throw all of the good away for a human mistake… || But here we are…oh almost a full year later, and she hasnt given up an ounce…and because of the kids they have to share, it isn’t possible to completely cut her off. She uses every opportunity to drive a wedge inbetween us. And she thinks its positively delightful when she does. She texted all of her crazy, hateful, rants weekly. Because regardless of her attempts (and some minimal success)..he has always ended up staying with me. Which consumes her with jealousy. I have definitely stooped to her level, and said very nasty things via text..and made a fool of myself once or twice. || Then she clearly stated she would split him and I up, she would destroy me, by all means possible. Including whatever it would take to cause his family to hate me, because thats a surefire way to destroy our relationship.I didnt take it to seriously. She is notorious for threatening crazy nonsense, and lying through her teeth. I was wrong..she went to work editing some text threads until I looked like the crazy one (brought that on myself)..and showed all of his family. She manipulated the situation perfectly. She would fight to not allow the family see the children any longer..because I was unstable. And I gave her the ammunition to use against me…and I dont think I can patch things with him again. Im all out of tears. Im exhausted..and its in vein. Because it is never ending. She became a fixture. And he wasn’t no damn angel. || My relationship is now a pile of mess, unrecognizable from what once was. I have no trust, but a lot of rage, and a lot of resentment, and hurt. My toddler daughter cries for the other kids, and even cries for my now ex..and his mom, and sisters, and aunt. His toddler daughter dose the same. His family is completely burned out on the constant chaos, and back and forth, and I am a wreck. || I didnt steal him from her. They had been split up for over a year before we even spoke. They were not even close to together. He dated numerous women before me, with no problems..but I suppose she couldn’t stand for him actually moving on..BECAUSE SHE LEFT HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. And the best part it, she has claimed to have a boyfriend basically the entire time. She even sent me a delightful little message, after I had moved out to be”expecting a call from my ex. She would be out of town with her boyfriend, and lee would need to be s***** and f***** while she was away”. She is always very classy..well come to find this”boyfriend” she has, ALSO has another family that she is destroying. This girl is cruel, jealous, and has zero shame. She does not care what length she has to go to, to manipulate and wreak havoc. She has used every single person, place and thing at her disposal to fuel her obsession with me, my relationship, and destroying it. || And..I think she finally got the best of me. Its not worth it anymore… I no longer see him as I use to. I dont trust him…I look at him and become angry. Everything seems to be fueled by jealousy now..and he has done nothing to stop it. I do believe its a struggle for him to let her completely go (considering their history, and the fact he loves his children more than anything, and her constant use of his children a tools in their little game. As well as regular naked photos, and provocative texting)But thats not an excuse anymore. Clean your shorts like a big boy) || Thats my story in a nutshell.I never set out to hurt anyone. And I didnt see this coming. I refused to back down for a long time. I was not going to let her just take from me, what I put so much effort and love into. But its pretty clear now the well is poisoned… || This is just a joke to her. She lies and claims it has nothing to do with getting back together with him, she just needs to show me who runs things. Absolute lunatics…unfortunately after ample ammounts of this drama…I am surly becoming a lunatic as well. I yell and cry and go ape, over just about anything that occurs. Jumping to conclusions. Trust nothing, anyone says… || He had a year to make it right. But he continued to lie, and deceive, and betray…yet always talking me right back into his mess. Because I loved him..still do. || It wont end with me. She will be sure to do the same to every female he gets involved with. She can not accept he has no desire to have a life with her. When he has had chances to get back into a relationship with her, he always backs out. And reconciles with me. It appears he uses her for the one thing she is always advertising for free…but thats all she gets. In her mind, thats love. Even if he buys her cheap roses(in a very successful attempt to set me off, he send like 5 roses…naturally she danced like a pigeon on a chess board..posted them on FB, made them her cover photo, and tried rubbing it in my face for like 3 days…so just as naturally, i did exactly what he wanted me to do, and out of sheer, jealous, territorial instinct..I called him. Which was his whole motive behind the cheap flowers he sent. My competitiveness can get the best of me..) Either way, I’ve had it. || Hope he learns to love her, or he will be miserable for 15 more years. No one in their right mind would stay in that mess forever. Not even me.. || I wonder if she is going to find this and use it to manipulate his family into feeling sorry for her, and further convinces them I am just a mean girl out to make her upset..guess I alway thought of myself with more integrity anyway. I have 11 months worth of psychononses from her stored..but using innocent bistandards to manipulate to do harm, is kind of beneath me. || Ya gotta love yourself enough to walk away…even if you love them more

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