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Would receive numerous phone calls a day from "Healthy America"; "Dynasty Partner" ; "Medical Supply"; "Medicare Consultant" etc……They would begin each time " Are you in pain" …. "We have free braces for you …." When I would say that since this is not ordered by a doctor my mother in law does not need braces. They continued to call relentlessly. When my mother in law moved out and I would say that there is no one at this address of medicare age – they would ask me for my age. Still calls came in daily. I would also get phone calls from "UPS" saying that I have braces ready to be delivered and when would be a good day to deliver them. Again I would say no braces have been authorized by a doctor – do not call. Calls still came in daily. Then a box of braces showed up on my front porch from C & E Medical Supply in San Diego California. The box was filled with 7 braces: 2 knee braces; 2 suspension sleeves; back brace; arm sling; and a shoulder support apparatus. I called the company 1-888-840-5205 to let them know that this was not ordered – and how my mother in law would not be able to move if she needed all this equipment. They said that there was a doctor’s name on the order. (got the doctors name and contacted him – hence not a doctor of my mother in law and who did not order this). C&E said they would send me return shipping labels. I ranted telling them how this is a scam and I will report them. Come the next day I received NO phone calls at all – my phone was silent. Come the following day I received 3 phone calls from the same number (prior would all be different numbers that would call each day from the "Are you in Pain..") and the next received 6 phone calls from this same number. When I said on one of these calls that I had received braces which were not ordered and I had filed a complaint- on one of these calls it was vulgar and threatening – cursing at me and telling me "You will die tonight" I feel that after I complained to the brace company that word went out – and now I was being targeted. The number 245-189-0003 you can not call back since it says this number can not be dialed…I changed my home phone number and also filed a police report. I have contacted Medicare and the Health and Human Services Office of General Inspector to file a complaint and will not let this go. This is an injustice to all of us who are paying into medicare. Yes, the company just sent me return shipping labels – and on the Reason for Exchange they have listed as: Patient Refused Service. I will not let this be as well. We need to stand up to these criminals and not be afraid. Medicare has not been charged yet for these braces and I am sure that the brace company probably will not send this one in due to me complaining. My mother in law who is on medicare was the targeted person but I always answered the phone and then became the target for the threatening and relentless phone calls.

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By Ronald

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