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They made many promisses to me to get me to join them when I was looking for health coverage. I ended up paying out $89.95 a month in monthly premiums, and only used them one for an ob appointment in March of 2004. nAfter this I received a $70 lab bill because it was claimed they wouldn’t cover it, I paid this along with the $35 co-pay. I chose to drop them in January of this year because I chose to use my work coverage instead. nRecently I received a bill from the place where my ob exam was done for $120, and was being told that Healthcare Advantage was refusing to pay because I was no longer with them. It took about a good year for this to be billed? nAlso, I was under them at the time, and paid their so called premiums at the time and I feel that they are responsible for paying their share. As things stand, I paid for my entire medical appointment as well as over a thousand dollars in premiums to a program that didn’t live up to a single thing they promised. nI could of saved money by not bothering to sign up with Healthcare Advantage to start with, I was totally scammed. nPegnPhoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. Nationwide U.S.A.

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