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Complaint: I spoke with a Jonathan Bercowicz and was told him that i needed prescription coverage plan. He explained that he could do a medical, Dental, Vision plan for a 1 time fee 330 and monthly payment plan 214 monthly and i would have 10 days to cancel if it didnt work with me. I ask him he send me some information if he was appart of Heath Insurance Innovations and he told me he wasnt apart of them it was a different company. I sould known it was a scam here but he told me i had 10 day to cancel. I went ahead and purchased the policy and right after i got off the phone with Jonathan i called my pharmacy to ensure the plan i bought was covered at the pharmacy i was assured it was covered at time by Jonathan. My pharmacist said that i didnt purchase insurance that it was some kinda discount card and it didnt cover anything. I ask him if he had ever heard of this company that Jonathan had told me had a A+ with the BBB. ( It was a home Innovation company not this rip off had the A+). I called Jonathan back the next morning hoping to get clarification of what happen so we together on 3way called the pharmacy and spoke together with the Pharmacist. He explained to onathan exactly what he told me that what he sold me wasnt covered and the pricing was different. I explained to Jonathan that since the stuff he sold me wasnt going to help me i would like to cancel the Policy. He beggain trying to sell me lesser policy and i told him that remember the reason i needed this was coverage of my prescription medicine and then when i wouldnt take the other policy, he begain telling me that i couldnt cancel my policy and that i couldnt get my money back. I explained to him that he told me i had 10 days to cancel and i wanted my money back. I todate havent recieved my money and get the run around with thiese people when i call them about my policy ending and returning my money. I got a email telling me my money was put back on my card but 5 days later i still never recieved any of my money back i gave them. I begain looking into this comapny and founf that they are a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE FRAUD and they were denied a licence to do buisness in FLORIDA Aug. 2017! THESE PEOPLE ARE A BIG RIP-OFF AND DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. IF MY MONEY GETS RETURNED LIKE I WAS TOLD I WILL RETURN HERE AND TAKE THIS OFF AND APPOLIGIZE, BUT UNTIL THEN IT WILL STAY HOPING TO SAVE SOMEONE ELSE!

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Address: 218 e Bearss Ave, Ste 325 Tampa, Florida United States


Phone: 877-376-5831

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