HCWH Global Limited Review: A Bane Platform


HCWH Global Limited has an outstanding web layout, pristine and straightforward. Sadly, that’s the only good thing we can say about hcwhm.com. The platform claims to provide reliable capital security to investors. Boasting of being a global excellent preferred trader, we had to take a look at their platform. What we found out will shock most of our readers. The platform is nothing but a shoddy investment platform targeting naïve investors. Please find out more in our HCWH GLOBAL LIMITED REVIEW.

An Overview of HCWH Global Limited

HCWH Global Limited Review

The platform’s website has an appealing look because of its simplicity. However, navigating through this website is another story altogether. Once you click on any link, you’re redirected to the homepage. That’s not very encouraging.

HCWH Global Limited fails to see the importance of navigation; it gives credibility and relays information faster. You don’t have to get bored on one page as opposed to what they do. The platform has all their information on one page.

There are several mistakes we spotted on their platform, including grammar mistakes. The call to download at the footer of the homepage has a grammar error. Users are asked to download fgwh instead of the HCWH platform.

What remains clear is that the people behind it don’t have any knowledge of trading. We have a platform that solely targets naïve investors and wipes them clean. The story, in short, you deposit funds, you lose money.

To avoid such situations, you need to sign up with a trusted investment platform. Some platforms have undergone numerous tests by experts and the community in general. So try out these platforms and start ripping the benefits of real investment.

Signing up with HCWH Global Limited should be the last thing on your mind. But, unfortunately, the platform does not hold any real value. For those who have recently signed up with the platform, we can only feel sorry for them.

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Account opening procedure

When opening an account with the platform, they make you feel like a King. You might even get a personal call from a person introducing themselves as account managers. All this is done to make you feel special and in the right place.

During the account opening process, you will fill in your address, email, and phone number. The next step is to verify the account and deposit funds. You will notice the platform does not indicate the acceptable minimum deposit.

These fraudsters do this for a reason; they want to target all classes of investors. With their call, you are enticed into believing you don’t need any trading knowledge. All you have to do is to deposit and wait for the platform to do wonders for you.

And that’s how you end up losing money; the platform rarely allows anyone to make withdrawals. Those who do are either close associates or are withdrawing a small amount from a large pool.

Business owner

The reason we believe the platform is cloned is the information we find regarding the owner. Under the corporation tab, the name listed as the website’s owner is Fgwh Ltd. The name has been mentioned severally under this heading.

A look at several company registers reveals the entity does not exist. Another issue is the name of the CEO or CFO of the company. It seems they are doing their best to hide the names of the people behind the platform.

Anonymity is a cold pitch that you won’t sell to us. Any anonymous investment platform raises red flags. Why would they hide even the names of call agents? The platform should have listed the names and contacts of anyone working for the platform.

Contact and support

HCWH Global Limited Features

HCWH Global Limited has to be the very first platform with a joke email address. The disclaimer at the footer of the homepage has a listed email address. But, unfortunately, it starts with the word mum, totally unprofessional.

Those who think they can make direct contact with support are in for a rude surprise. Unfortunately, no contact page says a lot about a platform claiming to offer investment services.

Apart from a phony email address, there’s no other point of contact. They are hiding their contact details for a reason. We believe the platform tries to dictate the communication process.

Domain records (hcwhm.com review)

From domain records, we can ascertain when a platform started its activities. Records indicate the website has been operational for just over 189 days. Furthermore, their IP location is in Hong Kong, which affirms our statement, this is an offshore platform.

The server used to host this website has other forex investment sites under them. Most of the websites you find under this platform have low trust ratings. Some of them don’t even get ant ranking in search engines.

Features of HCWH Global Limited

Accounts and packages

HCWH Global Limited fails to inform users of their available account packages. And this means you sign up not knowing the trading conditions. The platform also fails to disclose the minimum and maximum recommended deposit amount.

It’s easy for them to ask for any amount for the basic account. One user can deposit $1,000, and the other $10,000, and both get the same trading conditions. It’s not fair as the more you deposit, the better trading conditions you should get.

Master Account

HCWHGlobalLimited License and Registration Status

From their customer service portal, we learn they offer a master account. It’s probably the most exclusive account available. Unfortunately, we also fail to get any information regarding the Master account. It seems they left this one out too.

HCWH Global License and Registration

We see from the disclaimer that the platform does not allow traders from the UAE. This could point to a platform residing in Europe or the Middle East. That said, the platform fails to have any records of compliance.

There’s no license number listed on the entire platform. HCWH Global Limited omits the fact they are not registered. It’s an offense to fail to inform investors of your regulatory status knowingly.

Without oversight, anyone who signs up with the platform ends up at the mercy of the platform. The platform may impose harsh trading conditions, such as ridiculous withdrawal policies. It’s a win-lose situation where the platform wins, the investor loses.

Payment Methods

The platform only accepts credit and debit cards. As a result, you won’t be able to withdraw your funds even if you file a chargeback. Instead, the platform will claim the funds were for services provided. With this excuse, the bank has no other option but to assume it’s the case.

Trading platform

There’s still no word from the platform about the features of their platform. It’s a web-based trading platform with no security measures. You won’t find any advanced features such as advanced charting tools and negative balance protection.

These web-based platforms are slow at executing trades and highly unstable. You might infect your mobile or PC when downloading the terminal.

Safety of funds with HCWH Global Limited

hcwhm.com Trading Terminal

Security of funds is out of the question with a platform with no known address. Your safety should be a priority, a feature the platform lacks. There’s no safety net to protect investors in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency.

Final thoughts

By looking at the platform’s results, we have to add hcwhm.com to our blacklist.

You need to invest wisely in platforms that enjoy the backing of experts.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries.

Is HCWH Global Limited Legit?

No, the platform is anonymous

Is it easy to withdraw funds with hcwhm.com?

Withdrawing funds is out of the question

Who owns and runs the platform

The owner and staff members remain anonymous.

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