Haven Goldendoodles


I responded to Haven Doodles’ web site looking for a puppy. I purchased my last puppy the same way from a different breeder with no problem. I filled out the form and they then contacted me by email having me answer questions qualifying me for their animal. They called me by phone and told me I could put a deposit down on the puppy and they would ship him to my nearest airport the next day. They said they were having trouble with their PayPal account and if I could send the deposit via MoneyGram. I had never used that service so I didn’t really know what it was. I asked them to send a photo of the puppy with he the date on it first so I knew it was legitimate. He sent me the photo and then I sent him the deposit ($480) with the agreement I would send him the rest when I received the animal.The next day I received Global Pets Flyer notice in my email. They said the puppy needed to be sent with a crate that would cost me $799–$1,700 and that they only used MoneyGram for payment. I looked up the shipping company online and I realized they didn’t exist and it was a scam.I also called the airport the animal was supposed to be shipped from and they did not have a direct flight to my airport.

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