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I went shopping at the mall and came across a box Inside the mall near the entrance & there was pink slips next to it that said “win a free Bahamas trip for 2”I filled out a slip , so did my fiancé. Acouple days later we received a text saying that we won the trip. Both of us got picked. That was my first que. after that I called the phone number that was texted to me , they gave me and account number and password to log into they’re online account. I was told I had to pay admin fees which came out to about $40. After that , they said before I book my trip , if I would like to get on the cruise, I would need to pay $69 , there and back for both people, they attempted to automatically pull this off my account with out my permission. After that , they said I need to pay for a fee to leave the United States. I tried to look into this , and figure out if this is a scam or not before I pay anything else.

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By Ronald

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