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I am a therapist with EMDRIA (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). This association is comprised of mental health providers that treat trauma victims. Whoever this person is, they have gotten into our email community and contacted and requested numerous therapists to provide 12 sessions and he will pay up front because he will only be in the country for that amount of time (certified check for a deposit).Here is one of his emails: I understand you don’t want to take a deposit payment now, but i’m asking to make the deposit payment because I’m putting everything on the line to make this trip for my treatment, there are other financial profitable things i could do with my time, but health is wealth, i believe i should attend to my self now in order to live a healthy life. Not accepting my payment means no commitment from you, it should have been much for me if i can easily find another person, but that’s not the case when it comes to find EMDR, so please and please accept my deposit in order for me to feel secured and to believe in this arrangement that we have set up together.I appreciate your assisatance.It is for this reason I’m requesting to make the payment in other to be sure my sessions with you are booked, so i will be 100% comfortable with the whole arrangement and to have 100% assurance, I do hope you understand that your service means a lot to us?.

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