FYI Email I receivedDear, *************.Welcome to Harold Personnel Staffing INC!My name is Thelma Wise. My position – senior manager.I am glad to inform you that our HR department recommends you, as an excellent member for our team!We are a young and growing company. Our main objective is assist businesses in meeting their human resources requirements as well as serving the needs of job-seekers.Currently, our team is looking for dynamic and results-oriented people.You meet the job requirements of the available vacancy in our company.Your resume has been selected from a large number of job seekers.You’ve got a great opportunity to earn money, gain experience and accumulate huge potential working in our company.We also hope that experience in our company will contribute to your personal success.With this letter I send you "Job Description".First of all, I have a few questions for you:1. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position and what are the reasons?2. What are three things you need for the comfortable work?I will do all my best to help you understand the job position, duties and I will answer all yourquestions. Hope for a long and fruitful cooperation with you.Please give me a reply as soon as possible!Best regards,Harold Personnel Staffing INC,Thelma WiseContacts:Company name: Harold Personnel Staffing INCWebsite: haroldpersonnel.com/Telephone: +19029150804

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