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Hi , Im from Argentina , Buenos Aires , we had just sent money for 2 dengals kittens named Tirez and Baola . that we bougth by dapperbengals.com.,web site ; we sent the first part of our money last monday by Western Union , we speak a lot of times by phone before we sent the money , then he not sent more mails for us , until last wednesday that he said that he need an insurance for the kittens to ship them to our City , we paid yestarday for 400 dollars more (we paid for the kittens 1160 dollars), now the Mr not comunicate more ! the lattest comunication that we have was yestarday at 716pm , by mail that he saids that he is going to arrengement the shipping , then nor more .. we tried to contact him by phone and never picked up again the phone , we sent 3 mails and nothing .Instead we read the report here about other person who have the same experience we report this to you .we are so nervious for this .. we are workers and the total of the money sum 1560 dollars ! it a lott money for us ! and for Nothing ! I ll wait for your contact as soon as possible , thanks !Anabela

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