Hansen Siding & Windows Mankato Minnesota


Complaint: Hansen Siding & Windows is awful. First, they are in the habit of scamming insurance companies by offering some shady side deals to get contracts sign. Beware, once you sign a contract and put money down, you cannot get in touch with them. They do not return phone calls. After investigating further, I found that the owner (Justin Hansen) has quite a long history. He has lots of misdemeanor violations including a few drug related arrests and convictions. Then I found that there is a federal tax lien and several state tax liens against him and the company. Based on what I saw, the taxes haven’t been paid in years. The tax liens included failure to pay withholding taxes so it looks like they are stealing from their own employees also. There were also many judgements against the company. So they don’t pay their bills either. All of this was a matter of public record so I can only imagine what else is going on that isn’t. After thinking about all of this, I realized that any work they did would be second rate since they obviously need to worry about their internal problems. And they probably won’t be around to warranty any work, anyways. The craziest is that the BBB gave them an A+ rating and they display it on their website. How is that possible?

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 724 Madison Ave Mankato, Minnesota United States of America

Website: www.hansensiding.com/

Phone: 507-388-2378

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By Ronald

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