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I have watched this girl go from person to person for almost a year now. I have seen her cheat on at least 14 different people in that time. She’s dated groups of friends. Broken up couples just so she could be with one and eventually the other. She has sent countless inappropriate pictures to so many people. My friend, let’s call her Kim, has only truly ever loved one person in her life. He was her first and most treasured love. They broke up a year ago and he was looking for someone new. She had spent the last month showing Kim how she was doing her best to change so Kim set them up. Turns out not two days in she starts cheating on him with her ex, let’s call her Liz, and possibly others. A month of them being together Kim found and tell him. Hannah wasn’t happy. He was heartbroken. Kim felt it was her fault for setting them up. Not two days after Hannah is caught and called out she tries telling him and Kim she was just horny and she was never actually with him. The fact that she bragged about being with him to everyone and said how much she loved him and wanted to be with him forever (which Kim and I thought was too soon to be saying but didn’t question cuz he was happy again) was totally not her actually being with him. It was all in our imagination and she had told him and Kim about the ex from the beginning. Later we found out Liz isn’t the only one she’s cheated on him with. It’s the only one she will admit. She is easy. She is the definition of a lying cheating sl*t. It’s one thing if everyone knows and is okay with it. It’s another thing if no one knows and then you try to twist it to them all being crazy and that it wasn’t real in the first place. She does not know when to change. She constantly says how she everything is her fault but God forbid it actually be her fault. Then it’s everyone else’s fault and they should be ashamed for trying to blame it on her. After the break up she drove him so crazy with one day it’s her fault and she’ll do anything to make it up then the next day it’s his fault and he needs to make it up to her or she’s gone. He actually started believing it was his fault. He started believing that everything shitty in his life is his fault. This girl drove him so up the wall for months straight that he tried to kill himself because he thought he was the darkness in everyone’s lives. Do you know what this girl did when she found out? Not a damn thing. She laughed. She laughed when Kim said he tried killing himself. She laughed when Kim was called fat and a sl*t by her friends. She laughs when anyone else is hurt but cries and makes everyone else feel like the worst person ever when she is hurt or thinks people don’t like her anymore. She is the most manipulative little bitch I have ever laid my eyes on. I am not one to bad month people, but this piece of sh*t cum rag needs a lesson. She can’t just go around and use people and break people up or laugh when someone that treated her so great tries to kill themselves after she harassed him making him feel like the problem. She’s an easy skank that’ll f*ck anything with a heartbeat. If you got a pu**y or a d**k she’s game all she really cares about is you have a pulse. She doesn’t care age. She doesn’t care looks. A pulse is enough for her. She’s 19, long brown hair, Hispanic, about 5’2 I believe, unshaven, and can fit an entire water bottle up her ass and pu**y If you wanna get in touch with her and have some fun her info will be listed below Facebook;

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