Hannah frye – Heres another logan county trash..fellows beware West Virginia


Beware logan country..hannah the hoe is back in wv..looks like shes cheated again..I’d say once a cheater always a cheater .she does nothing but lie..shes made rocky out too be a abuser..in reality it’s another acuse too ruin her family lives..shes done nothing but cheat ..from the time she got pregnant till now ..she slept with a state cop at 9 months pregnant with her son. Shes told multiple black men she would sleep with them. She wont work ,clean,or take care of her man shes never gona stop this pattern of cheating ,lieing, and behavior..dont trust this woman..shes nothing but a mooch..like her mommy belinda workman..shes single again looking for a free ride..all I can say is be careful her and her family are all insane..

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By Ronald

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