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This all started out when we were stationed in Illinois. The homewrecker Hannah Couch was a student in the military and my husband had to help her learn everything in the lab. We had been married 2 1/2 years and had a one and a half-year-old little boy. I given up my life and my family and friends from back home to me with my husband to support him in the military. I had taken my son to the doctors for an appointment and I stopped by the clinic to say hello to my husband. He introduced me to Hannah couch as his wife and introduced our little boy. This whore knew exactly who I was that my husband was married and had a son. They started hanging out and I had a problem with that at first until my husband told me that she was a lesbian and dated another student that worked in the lab with them. They ended up hanging out almost every weekend. One day he came home and started acting extremely weird. I try talking to him but he acted like he wanted nothing to do with me. He then asked me to move out that it just wasn’t working out between us. I was devastated!I moved out and went to be with my family. My husband was calling me every day and telling me how much of a mistake he made and that he loved me and wanted me back. He bought me a plane ticket and I was going to be leaving within a week to be with him. Three days before I was leaving he stopped answering his phone. I didn’t talk to him for a couple weeks and on my 22nd birthday, I found out he was with this slut. I finally got a hold of him and told him what I thought of them. Who does that to a married woman with a child? I still had all his passwords to his Facebook and his phone and I started to snoop. Not even two weeks into the relationship they were already telling each other they love each other. A month had gone by a I found out that he bought her an engagement ring. I flipped out of course. We weren’t even divorced yet or even been separated. She ended up getting orders to New Mexico and my husband ended up driving her all the way down there and met her family. I ended up calling her and told her what a piece of f**king shit that I thought she truly was and a horrible person she was, and one day she would get what she deserves. She told me that she didn’t want him and she was truly sorry for what she had done. We ended up fighting over who was going to take him back. My husband called me a couple days after that crying and whining about how she left him. All I could do was laugh at him. Another month passed by and he finally asked me if we can try to work on things. I agreed but felt extremely hurt over everything that happened. || We’ve been together now for six years straight and have another beautiful little boy. My heart still hurts over this. He told me it was all a stupid childish mistake that he made. I can tell that he really loves me and hasn’t done anything to hurt me since. Soon as she broke things off with my husband she ended up marrying another guy that looked identical to him. They have a daughter together now and I hope that she never experiences the same things that I’ve gone through. But if I were ever to see her out on the street I would be beating the shit out of her. Once a whore always a whore!!!! Maybe she can raise her daughter better than her mother raised her.

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