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Complaint: I was a subcontractor for this company. first, I thought this company was a gift that I can do some handyman work to supplement my income. I did the first three jobs and got paid. then had some really big jobs that I did. during that time I began to use a PDF app that I used to sign invoices for work that was performed. Then they tell me I can’t use the PDF because the signature is copy and paste. The customers did sign it and verify work. So I stop using the PDF app and began again having customers paper copy and then take picture of the invoice and send it by email. So they tell me I need to get the three signatures or else I won’t be paid. I drove 255 miles to get the three signatures and the stop answering my text after I asked them will I be paid now. I will not lay down to these pieces of s*** that made me do thousands of dollar in work and did not pay me. they owe me $1000 dollars. Please stay far away from this company. Anyone who wants to contact me so we can come up with a gameplan to stop these a** holes contact me at [email protected]

Tags: Handyman, Home Improvement Handyman

Address: CA United States

Website: www.handymanassembly.com/

Phone: (888)247-2131

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By Ronald

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