Liar Cheater Woman, Texas

THIS IS HALLIE DOLL GARCIA’S FATHER ISRAEL B GARCIA JR.(PREDATOR LAWYER)THIS DEVIANT IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR.HE IS MARRIED AND WHILE MARRIED HAS HAD THREE PATERNITY SUITS FILED AGAINST HIM.HE HAS IMPREGNATED ONE CLIENT AND TWO SECRETARIES. HE PAYS MINIMUM CHILD SUPPORT TO THE THREE INNOCENT CHILDREN HE FATHERED. THE STATE CARRIES THEM ON CHIP (THE STATE CHILDREN’S HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM) BECAUSE THIS DEAD BEAT CLAIMS HE ONLY EARNS $8.25 PER HOUR, WHICH IS THE MINIMUM WAGE FOR EVERYONE. THIS INFORMATION IS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD AT THE HARRIS COUNTY COURT HOUSE.THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS SHOULD INVESTIGATE THIS FRAUD!!THERE ARE MANY VICTIMS, INCLUDING CLIENTS, HIS OWN SECRETARIES, AND NUMEROUS OTHER WOMEN IN GENERAL THAT HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED BY THIS PREDATOR.IF YOU ARE A VICTIM DO NOT BE AFRAID TO COMPLAIN.THERE ARE MANY LAWYERS WAITING TO HELP YOU.PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING STORYThis guy is a * lawyer who goes by ISRAEL B. GARCIA JR. He is the biggest SLEAZBALL in Houston, Texas. I worked for this toidi for a week, then he asked if I would have s.e.x with him in the office. I refused his absurd offer. After my refusal, he interviewed another girl and it appeared that she accepted the sex offer from him because they showed up to the law office and in his adjoining private office they started to have S.E.X while I was in the other room with one of his clients about a traffic ticket…This was super awkward for me and the client who was asking about his traffic ticket since this SEXUAL PREDATOR and the girl he was interviewing for a job were having full on sex. The girl was screaming so loud that I felt disgusted by the situation. After he finished the ACT with the girl, he came out of the office and asked to talk to me in private. He then said I was fired that he had found some one that fit what he was looking for. To this day he owes me $400 for the work week PLEASE GIRLS BEWARE and don’t work for this criminal !!!

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