Halleck Auto Sales tiffin Ohio


Complaint: I bought an ’03 Pontiac Vibe at Halleck Auto Sales, and explained to Bryan Omey that we’d be taking a long trip to Florida in it; I had my one-year old with me that day.I noticed the powder on some things, and the smell of chemicals. I noticed some of the dryer sheets in the car. I asked Bryan why that was there; he claimed it was just part of a routine cleaning. When I got home, I removed the NUMEROUS dryer sheets, some of which were directly under the driver’s seat, covering a brown pile. I cleaned the car, vaccuuming and shampooing it. I let the car air out for several days and nights, hoping the absolutely unbearable odor they were obviously hiding, would leave. Charcoal and Damp Rid did nothing to remove the smell, either.People, including me, sitting in it, felt like puking. I explained all this to Bryan; I ended up crying on the phone when speaking with the “Detailer.”” I bought Vibe seats from an Auto Wrecker. My husband took a day off work

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Address: and we removed all the seats. We found magazines

Website: numerous toys

Phone: mail

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