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I was planning my wedding to my now husband, Ben, when I found Facebook messages between him and this Haley Roberts person. He was begging to come over and just overall being a lying cheating scum bag. We already had a son together and were getting married in a month. It goes without saying I was devastated. I reached out to this Haley person through Facebook and asked her very politely to STOP speaking to my husband or pursuing any type of relationship with him. I thought that any respectable woman would feel terrible if someone’s wife reached out to them. If I had been in her shoes I would have been mortified and stopped all contact immediately, but I didn’t know the caliber or homewrecker I was dealing with. Our life went on, but things were never good between us. I never understood why my husband had so little interest in me our son, our newborn daughter or this family we had together. I come to find out that the relationship with Haley never stopped. This time I told her not so nicely to LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE. She outright ignored me for a second time. || They continued dating for almost two years. Ultimately it was a new phone that did him in. When the data was transferred I was able to see all old text messages as well. There were pictures, intimate conversations, he bashed his wife and family to her and she led him on the whole way. I can only hope he did not catch an STD from her and bring it home to me since one of their conversations was about her being tested for diseases. I came to find out they were on a soccer team together, softball team, and went to lunch constantly together at work on top of their secret affair. His friends knew about as I’m sure hers did as well. She takes absolutely NO responsibility for her role in destroying a family, but what can you expect from a dirty person like this?? I was able to see phone records and they were in contact almost constantly. I was in the hospital after having our daughter, Christmas, new years, valentines, our son’s birthday, vacations, etc. He was in contact with her non-stop. I reached out to her for an explanation and she gave me a smug, condescending reply that she ‘was sorry my relationship fell apart’. As if she had nothing to do with it. Please be warned this girl is out there! She has no respect for you as a woman, a wife, or a mother. She will ignore you when you ask her to stop talking to your husband and do only as she pleases. She is an entitled good for nothing tramp.

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By Ronald

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