Hales Global Group – Bad Consulting

This is the kind of business consulting and advice that you want to avoid. Somehow they specialize in opportunities under the radar that are inside the federal government agencies? This is the same thing that they use to be unique and draw people in that also will screw you over.As a business owner, I went to Hales Group to seek a better outlook on my business. They charge more for this “special” service. It is non-existent. My business did not experience much improvement by them. They hardly made a dent in my numbers, in fact, I think that it was all by my own effort because I could barely communicate with a consultant the whole time. They seemed to have promising strategies when we first connected but after the initial payment and session, they really die off. They basically just made things more difficult for me with subcontractors, as well. They are the middleman that is just trying to get more money out of the situation for themselves.

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