H. Mac. Tyson II, Shallotte NC


Complaint: I used Mac Tyson as a lawyer on a shoplifting charge at Walmart because I am on Disability and I didn’t have enough money for food that month because I don’t have much money but I know I shouldn’t of done that and I never will again but he charged me alot to use him and I got a long time of community service and very expensive fines which I had to borrow money to pay and I also ended up with a petty larceny charge permanently on my record forever!! I later found out from other people and reading online that since it was my first offense and I had never been arrested in my life I definitely should not of had any charges left on my record that stayed. He should of gotten the petty larceny charge dropped but NO he didn’t. So when I found this out I was so upset especially because I had wanted to volunteer at my church in the children’s nursery watching the little kids and I can’t because they do background checks and I don’t want to tell them that either because it’s embarrassing!! I even had asked Mac Tyson awhile before that before I found out he was an idiot about my case how much it would be to get the charge removed off my record? Now I don’t know if it’s really true that you can do that but he’s the one who told me that you could and that’s probably because he wanted to try and get more money out of me!! LOSER especially with him already knowing I’m a single female who is disabled on Disability struggling to support myself because I told him that and that’s the whole reason I was even shoplifting to begin with. Yet he never helped me he only made my life forever worse and now it’s ruined because I can never volunteer anywhere even if I wanted to and he had told me it would of cost me like $800 to get the petty larceny off my record and I asked him if he could please do it any cheaper and he told me NO!! So he is not a very good attorney who knows what he’s doing and he’s not a very nice person either obviously or has much compassion for the less fortunate people out there so if you are reading this and you are thinking about using him for any attorney associated needs PLEASE think twice and look somewhere else and find someone better because I know you will be very sorry like I am if you do decide to go with Mac Tyson and you will most likely not end up with the outcome that you are needing or hoping for with his services just like me and I’m sure you will have no problem finding someone better. Thank you for reading

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Address: 4647 Main Street Shallotte, NC United States


Phone: 910-755-6600

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