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An airline company has refused to reimburse a customer an unauthorized credit card charge of EUR 688 after it was proven to be fraudulent. nKavita Sharma, Manager of Customer Relations in Gulf Air’s Manama office, has indicated they will not be re-imbursing the customer, even though another party has managed to fraudulently sign a sales receipt to have the charge applied to the customer’s credit card. nInvestigators have found Gulf Air has failed to protect the private information of customers allowing them to be victims of fraud. Inquiries have found there have been at least six specific occasions which have been documented in which customer relations staff at state-owned Gulf Air have failed to compensate customers for security lapses in their point of sale system. nDespite the complaints, Ms. Jennifer Carty, a spokesperson for Customer Relations at the airline claimed passengers had not been overcharged and ruled out paying re-imbursements to customers. nConsumer affairs experts have added that Gulf Air has risked a passenger backlash after refusing to compensate victims of transactions being fraudulently generated from continuing security lapses in the airline’s point of sale registry. nTravel expert Khalid Al-Khouri added: There is little doubt that Gulf Air has been evading responsibility in customer complaints regarding unauthorized use of their credit cards. It is understandable if someone launches a complaint when they are being held responsible for a credit card transaction they did not authorize. nMr. Mohammed Hulaiwah, Director of the airline’s Corporate Affairs office, could not be reached for comment. nI told them that since I did not authorize the transaction, it is my right to demand a reimbursement from the airline company, since it was a security lapse on their part, the customer adds. nAnonymousnEdmonton, AlbertaCanada Internet United Arab Emirates

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