Guadalupe Guillen Texas Texas


To begin, she goes by Lupita or Lupe and her last name is Uranda or Guillen, whether she feels like being married or not. This whore not only got with my husband, but with a bunch of other guys as well. She likes to go with her husband to the horse races and screw guys in their vehicles while her husband is racing. She took my husband, and others, to the park while her children were in school to screw him. She sent dirty pictures and would be texting him all night while in bed with her own husband. When I found out and confronted her, she denied it all like all of the other relationships she’s had with the other guys. She has 3 kids right now, pregnant with another one. Her last kid doesn’t look nothing like his father. Before she got pregnant this time, she was pregnant again and tried to say it was my husbands. T || here’s rumors that the one she’s pregnant with now isn’t her husbands either. After she screws married men, she goes home to her husband. This whore doesn’t work and never has. She thinks she is better than everyone, but yet she has no friends because she can’t keep her mouth shut. He husband sticks up for her, knowing what she does. She has multiple Facebook accounts and even uses her moms to message other married men! Be careful with this fake two faced whore.. She will do anything to seduce men but she won’t put out. Oh FYI.. She has an STD but she won’t tell her husband because she’s scared he will kick her out and she will have no where to go.

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By Ronald

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