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Complaint: is a scam. They lie to you to get money upfront and then donu2019t provide the service. Their platform does not work. They have over 150 integrations but what they donu2019t tell you is that they have never tested them and they use their clients money and time to troubleshoot the API. Their customer service is the worst. The account representatives do not have phones and the only way you can contact them is by email or scheduling a meeting time online days and weeks in advance. Our account representative Jason Brown is basically a middle man and canu2019t get anything done for his clients. The founders Rob and Ryan Nelson donu2019t care about their clients either. We reached out to them with our concerns and they did nothing. Worst customer service. Product DOES NOT WORK. They lie to you and BAIT AND SWITCH you once you sign up and pay them.

Tags: Computer Software, Computer Technology, Software, Software Services

Address: 1401 Research Way #2200 Orem, Utah United States


Phone: 800-515-7049

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By Ronald

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