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hi nI have been using livingsocial for years and have been amazed at the offerings and services they have offered. nI have never had a problem with their vendors. nI tried using your service twice now and have nothing but issues. nOf course I have redeemed my purchase as directed. nyour company says oooppps it may have gotten lost in the mail.. nI have contacted the vendor and so far I am getting nothing but the runaround. nI am impressed how you can take the funds from a consumer and hold no concern over getting an product that YOU were paid fornnnnDate: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 20:55:47 +0000nFrom: [email protected]: [email protected]: Re: Your Support Question (ticket #10954667)nn## Reply above this line ## nnnnHi Wilma, nnnI’m sorry for the delay. Just to be sure, have you already printed or viewed your Groupon and followed the instructions to redeem it? If not, this would explain why you have not received your product. Please visit to access your Groupon. nnnOnce your Groupon is redeemed on the business’s website, please allow 3-4 weeks for the order to ship. If that time frame has passed, please contact the business’s customer support to inquire about the shipment. nnnYou can reach them at [email protected]. nnnSorry again for any inconvenience, and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. nnnRegards, Danielle R n Groupon Customer Support nnnnnnMessage-Id:C52WJF2T_502423d330980_c9c15bea7c11583f6_that is not a solution ! nYou should be responsible for the companies you represent. I want you to know I do not and will not ever use your service again nor will I recommend you to anyone I know. !!!! nI will certainly blog about your response and concern everywhere I get a chance too !! ninconvenience is not the word you should be using .. you should say sorry we ripped you off !

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