Groupe Ekash Corp Westmount Quebec


Complaint: The daughter of the individuals Kingsley Whyte and Eno Iyanam attended our summer camp for the summer of 2012. When we finally recieved the first payment the cheque was returned from the bank NSF, and untraceable. Upon closer inspection it was written against a bank in Barcelona which doesnt exist. When the individuals in question were informed of this they wrote a second cheque for the camp. This time it was drawn against a Wells Fargo bank, and the routing number was for a different bank entirely. By the time this came back we asked for cash to cover the costs of the camp. They asked if they can send a wire transfer and we insisted on cash only. They left that day and never returned. Both cheques were written from the company Groupe Ekash Corp. The address they provided as a home address was fake. The telephone numbers are from pay-as-you-go burner cell phones, which were long since disconnected. They will not respond to email requests. They left our non-profit community centre owing a bill of $1320. This represents 8 weeks of camp, and by losing this money it will cut our finances such that we may not be able to offer free weeks of camp for underprivelaged children in 2013. If you encounter these individuals please use caution, there are other reports of them using fake cheques in the area.

Tags: Parks & Recreation Centers

Address: 1610 Sherbrooke West Montreal, Quebec United States of America



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