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I bought a guitar from this low priced, professional-looking website in July of 2011. They were the only website that had the guitar I was looking for, and the site seemed legitimate and secure. This company tried to provide reasons for why the guitar never arrived and was emailing me regularly. They acted as if they were out of the guitar I purchased, so they offered to help me pick a new one, that would be delivered immediately. Like the first guitar, no tracking information was given, and I have received nothing for my payment. Nothing has been shipped. Their phone number is just an answering machine filled with complaints from me. “Darren”” tried to “”help”” me with all these problems

but eventually just stopped responding to emails. It’s been about a month since I’ve heard anything. The last email offered the explanation

“”our sales department and shipping/operations are in two different locations

which makes for frustrating communication breakdowns””.I’ve received no help in getting my money back. I don’t understand why it is hard to shut a business like this down. Another Ripoff Scams says these guys are not scammers

I assure you they are. They will continue this as long as it keeps attracting musicians.”

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By Ronald

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