Griselda Hernandez – Kenosha, Illnois Illinois


|| THIS FAT COW RUINED OUR LIFE. She came into our lives when my brother went into an online dating website and agreed to meet with her in person in Indiana. She ended up coming down to visit our family for a few days in Illnois. It turns out, she didn’t come over just to visit. She ended up secretly marrying him and expected us to give her the red carpet treatment right away. She acted as if everything our family owned was hers. She thought she was entitled to our dogs, vases, plates, jewelry, hell she claimed ownership of the goddamn patches of grass that she liked! She has been married before and has two boys with another man. She up and left her children just to move her fat ass into his place and claim everything as her own. She thought that he had money and he was a us citizen so she married him to try and get some legal documents and money. She was always trying to leave his apartment whenever I would come over to visit and see how they were doing. || Literally everytime I would come over, she would leave.She would always try to steal from anyone who got in her line of sight. She would act as if she were doing you a favor, and then when you least expect it, she hits you. She even sexted and chatted with various other men when she was married to my brother. They were only married for about 3 weeks before we forced her to divorce him and leave our family alone. She kept trying to act as if she was pregnant, by wearing smaller clothes than what she already wore before and she even wore spanx with balled up clothing underneath to look the part. Literally this woman wears band aids for clothes to try and lure men in so just imagine how ridiculous she looked having her lumps and bumps hanging out. She’s been passed around like a cheese platter at wine parties. She now has gone back to her”husband” and she still tries to message my brother’s friends and flirts with any man she sees. She She will destroy tons and tons of families to get what she wants, so kick her ass to the curb and keep your man close ladies! She is a poor, sad, disgusting, used up piece of trash who deserves nothing! AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS LADIES!

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By Ronald

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