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I was looking for a immigration consultant, I got a contact from my co-worker. I called to the man, named Alvin Griffith( his number 416-882-4482) we set up the consultation in his office on Westwood Square Mall, Brampton ( Address: 7205 Goreway Drive).Me and my fiancee are a young, polish couple that were looking for a chances to stay here pernamently. During the consultation, Alvin Griffith told us that there is a 100% chance that he will proceed with an Express Entry Program ( which is a way to get Pernament Residency).He asked us for: paystubs, income tax, the letter ( what do we like about Canada), and deposit $1500 each, that was $3000.First if all, he needed deposit from us to start with the application, we did not even give him all information that he asked for.We gave him a deposit in September, 2017. I was really confused about it, and i started looking for some information about an Express Entry program, there was this rule, that if we will not provide a langauge results ( either CELPIP or IELTS), we are not eglible to apply for Express Entry, that was the very first thing that I catched and it showed me that he does not know anything about the Immigration Law.I called to him and told him, that I found on the internet that we need to pass language test , he said that is not true and we just simply need to write letter about Canada, he also said that he had done that with so many clients and that he know better, than me.I got an idea, to search on a internet, if i can find and verify that he is Regulated Candian Immigration Consultant , I’ve got this email saying, that Alvin Griffith does not appear anywhere in their list of members. That meant that he does not have a license, so I set up the meeting again, and I told him that I want my deposit returned and I do not need his service anymore. He said that the application is in progress ( but we didnt even give him documentation, he needed; meaning he was not able to do anything at all) He also said that deposit I gave him he used it to pay for application fees and only $600 left, so he will give me the rest next week, therefore; I went to his office after week, his desk and all stuff that were in the office dissapeard, and he also did not answet the phone. He was scared, becuase I told him that he is not authorized and I will report him to the POLICE, that he is a scam.What he did? He dissaperad.I reported him to the Police, and they told me that they will start investigation, but it has been a Year and a Half, and noting has been cleared out. He probably is doing the same thing to others.I can provide : MY REPORT TO THE POLICE, AGREEMENTS BETWEEN ME AND THIS CONSULTANT, EMAILS THAT I SENT TO HIM, HIS BUSSINESS CARD AND EMAIL FROM [email protected]

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