Greystar – Greystar is Lazy

These people took over our apartment complex shortly after I moved in. Everything went down hill from there. I lived ina luxury community living apartments. They stripped that of its title. I was definitely paying more than enough. They did not take care of the facility at all. Equipment started to fall apart at the complex and they would not tend to it, so after 4 months, three machines were out of use. THey hardly did maintenance, but I got a letter on my door every other week saying my porch was unkempt and needed to be tended to. The ladies in the front office were a disorganized mess. They must have changed employees at least 5 times. No one ever knew who I was, where mail was delivered in the front office, and they dd not keep records of anything. Moving out was a disaster. They tried to charge me for an extra month! My lease clearly ended. I am living at another one of their properties again.

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