Greyhound Bus Lines Carbondale Colorado Review


My son, who was traveling to Denver to get a plane back to school, purchased a bus ticket in my name. He thought since he was using my charge card he should do this. Later we discovered that according the company, the ticket had to made to the person who was traveling. I then purchased a additional ticket made in his name so that he would be allowed on the bus. I then applied for a refund of the unused ticket, and was told that due to the mistake made regarding the name on the ticket, I would probably receive a refund, Several months later I received a letter stating that the ticket was non-refundable and “has zero refund value””. I called Greyhound Corporate and explained that the reason I applied for a refund was because my son made a mistake in putting me down as the traveler instead of himself. I further explained that we purchased a replacement ticket for the same bus that we had purchased the original ticket for

so there was no loss of seating space on the bus that could justify a loss to Greyound. Howver

the simple logic of my statements made no impression at all on Greyhound Corporate

and they simply kept repeating that the ticket was non-refundable. To me this is a breach of contract

since it was unclear to my son that he needed to make sure he entered his name instead of mine as the traveler. In previous cases such as this

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By Ronald

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