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Complaint: I am also a victim of KNI Logistics and Greg Moon. I went through the training for five weeks — including a psychological examination as a management trainee. I cannot understand how KNI Logistics and Moon got my credit history from the Federal Credit Bureau. They used that information to deposit about $6,400 into one of my credit cards. During the training, Moon sent a purchase order for three computers and shipping costs as part of the training. The invoice stated about $300 as my commission. Moon instructed me to use the deposit made into my account to purchase three computers and ship the three computers to the companys subsidiary in Moldova. I did as instructed. After buying and shipping the computers with the money deposited into my account— the $6,400 was reversed from my credit card account. Im stuck now with a bill of about $5,300. I called the credit card company and was told the company couldnt do anything for me. The credit card company stated the deposit, reversal and purchase was legitimate. I asked to find who made the deposit because it was not made by me. The credit card company decline. The company said the purchased was legitimate. I told the company that I have the purchase order, receipt for the purchase, the shipment receipt and would send them. The company declined and refused to assist. The credit company said I was responsible for the deposit and charge. Every attempt I have tried to resolve this issue with KNI Logistics, Greg Moon and my credit card company has not worked. Like Hank, Chase CS not helpful giving me misleading information, that gave me false sense of security. Chase removes deposits from my acct. and leaves me w/ $6,800 of equipment/shipment costs. I blame the credit card company and the Federal Credit Bureau for releasing my credit history and information to an illegitimate company — because I do not understand how KNI Logistics and Greg Moon could again access to my entire credit history without their cooperation. To everyone Greg Moon contacts —please beware. The process begins when a lady calls you to inform of being chosen for the training. Then, a psychological examination is conducted to determine your suitability because you will have access to sensitive company information and secrets. You will be asked to sign a temporary five-week contract in order to undergo the training. After that you will start receiving training materials and test. Many promises will be made, but none will be fulfilled. There will be for reason or the other for the postponement or failure. You will receive calls from several people —- largely women from abroad. Moon will communicate frequently and talk to you quite often. The companys website is still running and seems legitimate. You should not believe anything you are told. Please beware!

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Address: 100 Church St., New York, NY 10005 Internet United States of America


Phone: 6468636102

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