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I had them install a new AC unit back in March of 2012. It stopped working in June of 2014. I called them to have it repaired. After much trouble getting a repair person there to do the work. He tells me he can only put on an inappropriate part to get the air working. He advised me that the correct part should be installed to avoid unnecessary wear to the unit. He also told me that the fan motor should be replaced because it was leaking oil. I asked him if this was normal for a 2 year old unit. He said it was not common but could happen. So I told him to put the correct part in and change out the fan motor. He said he would have to come back. After weeks of calls and no one coming out to repair. I called the office and asked to speak to the manager or owner. I was advised he was out in the field. I asked the gal to take a message to have him call me. She asked what it was regarding. I advised her that I was a disgruntled customer. That I had called for service on my 2 year old unit that they installed and that no one has been out since the initial visit to fix it. Days went by I did not get a call. I called them and was advised that the owner wanted the gal to relay to me that they did not charge me for the work they did. I told her they did not do any work I am still waiting. She did not seem to care. I told her I would be reporting this to various agencies and she could relay that back to the owner. She said ok. This is not a company with integrity or pride in work in my opinion.

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