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In February 2014 I had an unfortunate auto accident and was forced to find a car to replace the one I had totalled. I knew a salesman there that referred me to there, so my wife and I started our search for our replacement. Green Lincoln had a 2012 Lincoln MKX with little miles on it so we decided on this vehicle. We started going through the financing or should I say I started going through the financing (the finance person Mark Rupnik was nice to allow me to sign my wifes signature instead of having her present) what a nice guy I thought at the time. Well he got us approved for the first finance place then I came back a couple of days later and no wait he changed that and had me go with a diferent finance company. Then I kid you not we went in two weeks later and he said oh I am so glad I caught you before you left, “his words were I was going to contact you and have you come in”” had us switch to another finance company with a higher interest rate. By this time my next payment for my totalled car was due because the GAP insurance had not settled with my insurance company and bank. To make a long story short I ended going back with the first finance company I was approved for at a much less interest rate (their question at the finance company was why didn’t the dealership stick with us to begin with) I cannot believe that the dealership was doing this to my wife and I. I asked my salesman from there if I was the first and believe it or not they do all the time he said. Well since I refinanced with the first company I didn’t need the dealerships GAP insurance so I requested my GAP insurance be reimbursed to us

its been 7 weeks now and the last time i talked to the finance guy Mark he replied uh we sent mailed it out on this last monday from Springfield

illinois to Taylorville

illinois if you don’t have it either today which was thursday or tomorrow (friday) then I would request the people upstairs to put a tracker on it. Folfs it does not take the mail 5 days to get from Springfield to Taylorville (30 miles away) 5 days at the most it takes 2 days. So now I am trying to get into contact with Todd Green to see if that helps. The only thing I want is my GAP insurance back and I will be done dealing with that dealership. i pray if you can help it do not deal with them.”

3760 South 6th St., Springfield, Illinois USA

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