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I just recieved my bank statement. I had a charge for $16.99 that I was not aware of. I called the number on the statement. They needed a lot of my info. just to tell me who they were. Turns out, it was a few months ago when my wife reserved a hotel. GREAT FUN, offered to give her a $40.00 gas card, everytime she booked a hotel without cancellation. The requirement was that she became a member to Great Fun. They told her it would cost $1 to get started with her credit card, and she could cancel at anytime. She was also told that she would be charged $7.00 per month for the membership if she did not cancel. We stayed in the hotel that night but the next morning we asked the hotel manager how the great fun thing works? She told us that she had never heard of that company, and that she was certain that they were not involved with that promotion. My wife called immediately to request cancellation. I called again when we got home to verify cancellation. I recieved this recent bill and called again but requested a supervisor. I explained my situation and added that I had never even gotten the gas card or anything!!! She then told me they had emailed the card to me along with the company info. She also told me that she mailed them to my home address. I ‘ve yet to recieve anything but a bill. IT MAKES NO SENSE TO SEND $40 GAS CARDS TO MY HOUSE AND EMAIL!!!!! Very firm, with an attitude, she promissed a refund in 3 to 7 days and hung up the phone. I’ve yet to see what happens next. VERY CONCERNED.

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