Grand View Resort Las Vegas, NV / Eldorado Resort Corp. san leandro California Review


Me and My boyfriend was approach and the Car rental place in Las Vegas and was offerd things to go to this meeting about a timeshare. Everybody seem to be just trying to make there cut in the business, and sell a dream. we agree to go to this meeting, to get some free show tickets and etc. WE get to the resort and meet Ken Moore and he had a few accomplices, that were some fast talker and kept knocking the prices down when we kept saying NO. they told us that we had to be living together and so forth, we told them we do not live together. They said just lie and don’t say anything about that. Our deposit dropped down to like $300 and etc. and it was so much fast talker salesman around, they did not give you time to think. they rush you through and take your money and make promises. THEY KEPT INSSISTING I PUT MY PHONE AWAY. I wanted to google this place, I did once I left. and of course everything I was afraid of, was true. So I keep calling the # they provided me and no response or no call backs. Now I am being harrassed to pay but I can’t get an answer from anybody regarding my contract, only people to take my money and do not know anything else! So I am now getting letters stating they can either just keep my deposit or they can hold me liable for the whole amount. IT SOUND GOOD BUT I HEAR ALL THESE FALSE PROMISE THAT VOIDS THE CONTRACT.

9940 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada USA



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By Ronald

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