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Beware of a salesman named Cliff Torrence for Retriever as Jackson LLC.! He is a slick scam artist. He will walk into your business and promise you that with his equipment will greatly improve your business, that his credit card processing is a direct source with credit card companies and it will pay for itself. He will promise you a low rate and then will keep you busy while he ” forgets”” to put it in writing. Beware of him getting you to sign any page and letting him fill in blanks later. He’ll change everything he promised and already have your signature. He lies and cheats masterfully. He sucked me in showing us his Mercedes and nice family pictures to convince me that Retriever was a great business to do business with but he’s going to trap you into a contract with NPC a big leasing finance firm in Chicago. They overcharge you for the machine and overcharge you the percentage to use it. Then NPC will start harrassing you horribly. Then

they will get auto pay set up at your bank

even if you complain or ask for investigation

they will continue to take payment drafts from your bank account. If you tey to stop payment they have another sneaky method of changing the amount of payment to keep sucking it from you bank account. They will turn you over to NFC for collections and call you day and night

on weekends

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