Grand Pacific Commercial (gpcloan) Raymore Missouri Review


I was contacted by David R, when i filled out a request for more info on getting a commercial loan. He told me that he could get me a sba loan, but first i needed to send him 775 dollars for a business plan, i was hesitant. Until he emailed me stating the fee was refundable. I did not send the fee right away. He emailed me, call me daily to assure me it was okay. I finally sent fee. After that all communication stop, no phone calls. Answer or emails returned. After three months i get a copy of a pre fab plan that i sent 90%of the content. He told me it be 60 days to get an response. Its been 6 months, he want return my phone calls or emsils, and the couple he has returned, he said he waiting on bank.. all communication has stopped, and i have not got a refund. This company is a scam stay away

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