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Wow My wife and I attended our owner update while staying at our timeshare in Branson that we have owned for 5 + years it seems Grand Crowne Resorts has got a new story for its owners its almost exciting each time we do our owner update but this was total scam if we were to spend and additional $10,300 plus closing fees we would have access to special secret deals and get 20,000 more points and raise our maintenance fees over $500 more per year in addition to the $800 we already pay every year what a deal and not to mention we would forfeit our deed to them and get a new deed held in a trust controlled by Capitol Resorts who is owned by Grand Crowne Resorts/Surrey Vacation Club Very clever on their part ,said thing is the reason we bought with Grand Crowne Resorts was Fairfield Resorts/Wyndham tried to do the same thing 6 years ago they wanted our deed and more money to give us nothing but a trust that they controlled. We ended up with less vacations and more fees.We ended up with $35,000 worthless timeshare that we couldn’t use because they company would rent the available inventory out and pocket the money and the deed being held in the trust allowed them to do it.same scam different company.fellow owners beware don’t waste your money. Whatever name they use its still the same people just wanting more money from us.they should be locked up..

430 state hwy 165 Branson, Missouri USA


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By Ronald

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