Grand Crowne Resorts lincoln park Michigan Review


On June 15 th my family went to Pigeon Forge TN and booked a cabin. At the time of book i asked for a blower on the hot tub and was told it had one . We arrived at the cabin and i spent my first day on the phone with maintence the grill didnt work, the stove eyes dont work, the hot tub was not what i ask for , a toliet up stairs was messed up when we got there, There was wasp and a nest in the hot tub area, maintence came out and handled the problems all but the stove eyes they didnt have them . That night i seen a bug in the kitchen but i didnt know what it was i thought because the doors had been open it come from outside.We went to bed early that night because the day was all ready gone with me on the phone with maintence all day so my kids didnt get to do anything. That next morning our last morning i woke up around 3:00 in the morning it was hot in the cabin i went to check the air i walked in the kitchen and their were roaches all over the floors walls counters it was nasty from that time on i spent shaking things out to pack up and get out i started calling mangement at 8:00 because thats when they came in but was told they were in a meetingleft message nom response after finally talking to a manger all i got was we offered to move you the first night . Why should i have moved at that point maintence fixed the problems all but the stove and the bugs were 9 hours before we were to check out . The mangers at this company are rude and just plan down right not caring one had enough guts to ask me what kind of roaches were they. I have booked cabins,Hotels etc all the time and never ever been though i mess like this. nPissed offnlincoln park, MichiganU.S.A.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee U.S.A.


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By Ronald

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