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I chose this company and Arnold Benson to build and install my kitchen cabinets due to the fact that he nrepresented himself very well and professionally. The first time he came to the house, Arnold brought his son who was also very well dressed and seemed very knowledgeable in the business. However, at this point, it seems that he used his knowledge to mislead his potential victim, me. I was more vulnerable to his misdeeds because I was desperate to finish the project, and Arnold knew this. He demanded half of the job as a down payment in order to buy material or he would not be interested in the project. nAt first I was very hesitant, but my husband and I decided to proceed with the deal and therefore gave Arnold $3500 on December 14, 2012. He mentioned that it would only take 7-10 working days and that he would start working the day he received the check as well as working weekends. (I have about 31 large and small cabinets.) Because I was extremely hesitant about the deal from the beginning, I asked Arnold if I could visit his shop and see how the cabinets were progressing on a daily basis. n My husband and I visited his office on Sunday, a day that he said hed be working. When we arrived, the doors were locked. We knocked and waited at the door however he never opened the door. We then called the telephone number that was on the door, however it was a wrong number and a Hispanic lady answered the phone and said she didn’t know any one named Arnold. We then felt it necessary to call his cell phone; not to our surprise, he failed to answer. His truck was parked at the back of the shop and we realized that he also slept and lives there. n After this, we called our bank immediately and placed a stop payment on the check, due to our suspicion of his business matters. We called him back the next day on Monday and told him what we did and told him that if he installed half the cabinets, we would provide him with half of the payment. This angered Arnold, but he said hed continue and complete the project because he bought the material. On Thursday, we visited his shop again, and all we found were 8 2×6 foot pieces of flat wood. Needless to say, we were stunned. There were no signs of any employees working there. He claimed that his workers were working and installing cabinets outside the shop but there WAS NO ONE WORKING. No wood dust, no material laying around, the floor was clean, etc. It was evident that this entire project is a ONE MAN OPERATION. nFriday, next day, Dec. 21st, Arnold called yelling and threatening us that if we didnt pay the check, he will get arrested but he will not do any cabinets for us anyway. If he was truly an honest and reliable man and actually bought the material to build the cabinets, he would have built them as fast as he could in order to resolve the issue, but he did NOT. nWe found out that he visited a check cashing business which P L S Cashers of Texas the day we gave him the check, Friday December 14th and Arnold never mentioned anything to us about this for the whole week. Now this business continues to call us for the payments because they claim that we are the responsible party. The check cashing business called Arnold multiple times in order to get their money back but he failed to answer. So they said we needed to pay them and then seek him for the money is due to us, which we already anticipate not receiving. So Now we have security cameras because after he threatened us to demolish our business and paying harshly for what we did (stop payment on the check)…this man to us is dangerousn nSo he CASHED $3500 and we end up with NOTHING!!

2129 S. Great Southwest Parkway Suite 315 Grand Prairie, Texas United States of America

214-677-5623/ 972-352-193

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