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My best friend of 8 years had a 3-6 month affair with my husband. My husband and I were having issues because work slowed down for him and we were fighting because of money. She started calling him and texting him without my knowledge. She was telling him that she was unhappy in her marriage and she wanted someone real that she could relate with. He felt he could talk to her and confide in her. || While they were having the affair I was paying her to watch my 2 children while I was at work. I was confiding in her and crying to her about how I thought my husband was cheating on me. She went as far to tell me he was sleeping with his ex girlfriend. || I became suspicious of them and confronted them and they told me I was crazy. I told my husband how she had cheated on her husband many times and that every man she ever got with ran from her after they found out how possessive she becomes. Her ex lovers thought she was nuts. He broke it off in December 2013 and she wouldn’t leave him alone. I caught her texting him and read part of the text. I said something to her about the text and she ran out of my house. She tried to talk to me and come over to my house a few times but I wanted nothing to do with her because I believed she had slept with him. In May I read a text in his phone saying that he couldn’t meet her tonight but maybe tomorrow. I flipped out on him and told him to leave. He denied the affair and still said I was acting crazy. || We finally fell apart in July and he moved out. When he moved out, he got lonely and said he called her because she was easy. He slept with 3-4 more times between July and early August. When he left I filed for divorce and ignored his calls. In late August we started talking again, he told me about the affair, where they slept together. How he bent her over her Cadillac in a parking lot. He says she acted like a whore so, that’s how he treated her. I wanted to know everything about them but he said I didn’t want to know everything because it would make things worse for me. We have been going to couples counseling and he came back home. I have access to his phone, phone bills, everything. The other morning when I looked at his phone she had text him, and this was the first time since August. She’s lonely and wants a piece of ass. I wish her husband understood what a slut she is. He deserves much better then that. || This homewrecker was there when I had both my children, stood by me for my 1st divorce. We finished medical assistant school together and I was there when she had her children. || She is a miserable evil person and wants everyone around her to feel like she does.

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