Grace Stables and H.E.R.O. Harmony Equestrian Rescue


Complaint: “u200bGrace Stables is a private charity organization… The key word here is private

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Address: as in sole proprietorship. Anyway

Website: but the name of a private charity organization. Well

Phone: what exactly does private charity orgnaiztion mean? Are we trying to avoid the word non-profit which would be a blantant lie? “”Grace Stables is one of South Koreau2019s first private charity organizations””… this might just be true because a charity is a charity. And an organztion is an organization. Just like a hospital is a hospital. But what if we wanted to make up a hospital that isn’t a hospital. We might call it something like “”South Korea’s first private medical organization.”” Private of cours means it’s not public. It belongs to one person. Thus “”Grace Stables

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