Grace Han Gordon – Corporate woman with No boundaries Maryland


Sleeps with higher ups to get higher up. This girl is a divorced mother with 2 girls. She works in the corporate medical industry. I question if she really works or does tricks in order to pursue her manipulative agenda of making money as a slore and not actually doing the work like most educated (honest) women should. She slept with my husband, her manager multiple times during their work time. She is cleaver with text. Wrote to my husband that she wanted to do a non fat latter with one shot of vanilla when he texted her what she would like at Starbucks. This woman also slept with other married men in the company. If they are married she loves them. She advises them to lie to their wives and gets off knowing what she is doing to the wives. This one is smart, sly, experienced and educated and most of all aggressive. Be worried if your husband has ever worked, lived near or is in communication with her. Be worried as a company hiring her as she will sue companies for her doing. Completely evil. My husband is also to blame and by no means do I not hold him equally responsible however when woman are this aggressive it should be disclosed. Grace also had the audacity to claim me as the crazy one once the affair was found out. No… wrong Grace! I too am educated, smarter, more honest and sincere than a slore like you. You just messed with the wrong woman.

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By Ronald

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